Police Struggle Against Protesters In Chile

Chile has been known for it’s stability. Yet recently the country has been struggling with civil unrest following increases in subway fares. This has lead to protests and violence near Chile’s capital.

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An article on Fox News depicts some of the dramatic chaos with images of police officers being set ablaze by molotov cocktails. Fortunately the officers had the right tools to disperse the flames:

Dramatic photos from Santiago on Monday showed members of the city’s special forces quickly jumping into action after the cocktails were thrown, using fire extinguishers and their hands to put out the fires.

Jorge Silva, the Reuters chief photographer in South East Asia who is in Chile covering the protests, said he was standing close to the Baquedano metro station when he saw a flare out of the corner of his eye.

Lucia I. Suarez Sang | Fox News

This is a similar situation to the protests in Ferguson Missouri. Protestors there also used fire to terrorize police in the area. In an article titled “Police: Ferguson Protesters Threw Molotov Cocktails” by the daily beast we can see a picture of the chaos:

More than a week after the killing of Michael Brown, the chaos isn’t dying down in Ferguson, Missouri. On Sunday night, hours before the start of a midnight curfew, St. Louis County police said protesters hurled Molotov cocktails toward officers.

The Daily Beast

Police use all types of tools to fight these attacks and keep themselves safe. As crazy as it may sound, police even use chainsaws! Not to defend themselves of course but for gaining entry to buildings.