7 Excuses Traffic Cops Are Tired Of Hearing

We know, its suck getting caught speeding by a traffic officer. I can imagine the pain of getting pulled over when the first reason you were speeding was that you were in a hurry in the first place. Not only that, police officers like us aren’t immune from traffic infractions either. So you could bet that some of us have been on the same stop before.

But for the love of God and country, people need to get more creative with their excuses when dealing with us. Time and time again the same excuses and reasons are handed to us by people who just can’t admit their mistake. Want to get a cop to reconsider if he’s going to give you a ticket? Try avoiding this top excuses that traffic police keep hearing all the time:

I Missed The Warning Sign On The Road

Believe it or not, this is the most common excuse Americans use after they get pulled over by a police officer. A survey done by Insurance.com in 2013 found out that 20.4 percent of drivers often choose to plead ignorance when asked why they are going 80 in a 55 mile per hour lane.

The funny thing is this is one of the least compelling excuses there are. Remember the universal quote “ignorance of the law excuses no one?” Well, I hate to break it to you; this applies to even traffic laws. So the next time you’re driving down a freeway, keep your eyes popped for those red or yellow painted signs on the road. I promise you it’ll save you a few bucks and a ton of headaches.

I’m New Here So I Can’t Possibly Know Every Road Rules

I get it; you’re a tourist. So we should be extra lenient with you, right? Wrong! As much as Americans love tourists visiting our beautiful country, there’s nothing more irritating than a tourist who “feels at home” too much.

As I’ve mentioned above, there are signs scattered over every road and intersections. The only thing you’d need to do is keep your eyes wide open. And besides, trust me when I say that the best way to enjoy the scenic views is to drive safe and slow.

I Didn’t Know It Was Broken Until You Told Me

Do you want to piss off the cop that just pulled you over? If yes, then this one hits the spot. Commonly used by people caught with a broken tail or head lights, this excuse is sure to get you a ticket in no time. Why you may ask? I’ll give you two reasons. One, it’s not the job of police officers to check your tail lights.

And two, what kind of driver doesn’t give their car a good look before heading out from their house or office? Not only are you putting other people in danger, but you’re also telling everyone that you’re an abusive and unloving partner to you four-wheel machine!

What About That Guy?

The same survey I mentioned above stated that 6.4 percent of the time people use this excuse to get away from a speeding ticket. My question is, have those 6.4 percent never heard their mom say “If Pete jumped off a cliff, would you?”

If your point is that we’re being biased for catching you and letting the other guy go, then let me break it to you. There aren’t enough cops to catch every single speeder on the road. Of course, we still try our best to catch as many as we can (it’s part of our training), but unless we turn Robocop, it just can’t be done.

There’s An Emergency In My Car

Unlike the first four I’ve mentioned, this one could actually get you a free pass. But, it isn’t that easy bro. You have first to prove to me that it’s an actual emergency. I don’t want to hear some lame excuse like you spilled Coke on your pants or that you ate too much chili. Those aren’t something really worth risking yours and other’s lives.

Blame Google Maps!

How about while you’re at it blame the gasoline for making your car move? Global positioning systems like Google maps were only created as a way to assist your driving experience, not decide every move you’ll make on the road. Even Google says that in their website.

It Wasn’t That Dangerous

Tell that to the 40,000 people that lost their lives in 2016 alone. Yes, that much. That much people lose their lives every year due to reckless drivers. It’s a sad fact that one of the greatest innovations of our century is one of the most common causes of deaths worldwide.

I’m begging you, drive safely. Do it for yourself, your family, and everybody around you. Nothing breaks the heart of a traffic cop more than a call asking for help because of a traffic accident. I may sound tough, but really, I just want to save people’s lives.