What Do Police Officers Do When They Are Not On Patrol?

Police officers are one of the hardest working people in any field or professions. Unlike most jobs where there is eight to five shift, officers need to be on the alert 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, beyond catching criminals and saving lives and properties, there are more ways police officers make our lives better every day.

From processing reports, building communities, to almost any thinkable social services out there, police officers are there ready to do the job. In this article, we’ve listed other contributions of police officers that deserve to be recognized to the society. (1)

Other Responsibilities Of Police Officers

Police officers are one of the most flexible members of the government. They can play a part in almost any event you can think of. Thus, if real life superheroes existed, it would most definitely be them.

We’ve listed below some of the common services done by police officers:

Participation With Community Groups

The job of police officers is to safeguard the harmony and peace of a community. Hence, the only way they would be able to do this is if they have a close relationship with their constituents.  Police officers need to get themselves involved with different social groups in the community for them to determine ways they can make everybody’s lives better.

For example, with the progression of the treatment of minority groups in our country, more and more police officers are having talks with groups such as the LGBTQ+ , Black and Hispanic communities and more. Talking with these groups help the police force address issues that involve them.

Furthermore, by being in touch with the ordinary civilians, they can gather vital information about cases that they would otherwise not find. Hence, one can say that there is a give and take relationship between civilians and police officers. (2)

Educate The Public Regarding The Law

Although it is not really part of their job descriptions, most police departments make sure that they hold scheduled seminars in their jurisdictions. The reason they do this is to educate their constituents regarding important laws. Furthermore, it is to communicate to them new laws that may be relevant to their community.

There are several reasons why they do this. One of which is that by teaching them relevant legislations of the land, people would be more careful with their actions to avoid violating any of these laws. Furthermore, a knowledgeable community can communicate to their police departments any violations of law they witness; thus, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the police department.

 Prepare Crime Reports

The life of a police officer can have much paperwork as any job. At the end of an incident or event, it is necessary for police officers to prepare reports. They do this to assess what series of events led to how everything ended. They also assess themselves regarding the actions they took to address the issue.

The reason police officers do this is to improve their service. By making a summary of the events the unfolded, their superiors can assess in which points the officer lacked or excelled. It can also help them reflect on their actions for them to learn new things such as how to better address a similar situation in the future.

Console Children That Experienced Traumatic Events

A lot of crimes police officers respond to involve children and toddlers. As they are often the first person on the scene of the crime, they are the ones that get to have contact with these children. Hence, it is important that they help reduce the trauma that a child may have gone through.

These small acts done by police officers can prevent a child from growing up with memories of the traumatic events. Hence, helping the children grow up to become better members of the society.

Mediate Conflicts Between Community Members

Conflicts are normal parts of human relationships. However, there are times when these conflicts can get to out of hand resulting in people hurting each other. Hence, police officers are often the ones that arrive to mediate between two parties that are arguing about an issue.

Most of the time, the primary goal of a police officer is to de-escalate the situation. They do this to help both parties collect their senses. This way, they can think rationally about their issue without their emotions causing havoc.

Witness In Court Hearings

It is no secret that police officers are often the ones that arrive in crime scenes. This is why they are often called to witness in court proceedings as they have firsthand accounts of what may have unfolded during a crime. Furthermore, some police officers are also tasked to investigate crime scenes making them most knowledgeable regarding evidence left in the area.

Being a police officer is no easy job. Unlike what you may think, it is not a single responsibility type of job. Hence, only dedicated and willing people become the best police officers. If you believe that you have what it takes to be part of the force, read in this website more about the steps on how to become an officer.